Biomass Force Dried Softwood


Our Biomass force dried softwood logs are delivered in large 0.8m3 builder bags.
Burning force dried 0.5m length softwood logs in your biomass boiler provides you with the maximum heat and burn output. is also authorised to appear on the UK Governments’s Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), this is necessary for customers who have installations as part of the RHI initiative. 
Our specialised production process enables us to cut your biomass logs to the correct length for your boiler, to help achieve maximum heat efficiency.  All our force dried biomass softwood logs are screened to remove loose bark and debris, to ensure the cleanest log possible.  The force drying process of our biomass softwood logs are on our powerful drying floors to ensure all our products are consistently at the correct low moisture content.
Biomass 0.5m length force dried softwood logs are delivered in large 0.8m3 builder bags.
Our reliable and friendly delivery drivers will always try to deliver your logs when and where you need them. Flexible 7 day delivery service, 12 months of the year.
There is only one way to produce good quality clean and dry logs and that is the right way.  We continue to give our customers assurance of consistent high quality wood fuel.
We are a supplier you can trust.