Biomass Woodchip

Currently on 2 week back order.
  • Premium grade RHI compliant wood chip
  • Force Dried to the correct moisture content
  • BSL Authorised for RHI Initiative grants

Full Description: supplies virgin, traceable, sustainable dry wood chip, processed to British Standards in terms of low moisture content, consistent grade of chip size and a high calorific value, enabling biomass boilers and CHP units to function precisely as they were designed.

Our premium grade RHI compliant wood chip is suitable for either biomass boilers or CHP units. Our specialised production process enables us to chip, screen and force dry on our powerful drying floors to the correct size and moisture content to help achieve maximum heat efficiency. is authorised to appear on the UK Government’s Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), this is necessary for domestic and non-domestic customers who have installations as part of the RHI initiative.

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There is only one way to produce good quality clean and dry woodchip and that is the right way. We continue to give our customers assurance of consistent high quality wood fuel.

We are a supplier you can trust.